Let our endurance
Surpass our fragility
Covid-19 Memorial Forest & Nature Preserve
Therapy Tree

When memories are all that are left, let them live forever

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Turn loss into celebration

Covid-19 has taken from all of us. Turn your pain, disappointment and fear into a new beginning. Sponsor a new tree or several trees for the Covid-19 Memorial Forest. A forest and nature preserve of planted memories. Select the location you would like your tree to be planted in the nature preserve and let the memories live forever in a beautiful peaceful home.

Memories passed on one tree ring at a time

Record or post memories, feelings and emotions you would like to digitally attach to your tree. Share your trees extension so others can contribute to your sponsored trees' content.


We take so much from mother nature. Covid-19 has shown us her might. Sponsor a tree as a restorative gift. May this pandemic end and its toll cease.


Covid-19 Memorial Forest & Nature Preserve is restoration of land and what was loss. 1,300 acres near San Francisco, California stripped of forest over a hundred years ago, used to farm and graze, restored and returned to mother nature as a gift of restoration and renewal. Restorative of what was lost through carrying memories forward with each new tree ring.


Share your sponsored trees' extension so family, friends and coworkers can contribute content. Manage public content and visitors can access it online and archived with The Library of Congress. Use the Geo-coordinates of the sponsored tree with drone and satellite imagery to view its progress. Build community and chat with users from around the world. Generations to come will be able to view, listen and come to deeply understand the impact of Covid-19.

One Gift, trillions benefit

Planting a new forest not only benefits the 7.8 billion humans on the planet but trillions of life forms that are counting on us. Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970. Nature preserves are a great way of giving them refuge.

Share the tree

Select the tree and the location you would like it planted and share the purchase with family, friends and co-workers. Everyone contributes a little for a huge impact.

Leave a voice-mail / send a text

Call our Covid-19 voice-mail number and leave a voice message or text message of support that is attached to a users tree. Together we will step into tomorrow. Words of encouragement can make all the difference.

Plant wildflowers in support

Post a message of support and plant wildflowers on a users plot. A beautiful gesture and food for pollinators that help sustain life on the planet.

Redwood Trees

Today they are only about an inch tall but they will grow up to 10' per year and reach over 300 feet tall to become the tallest living thing on the planet and live over 3,000 years. Together the redwood trees can sequester more carbon than any forest. One large redwood tree can pull 500 gallons of water out of the fog in a day replenishing groundwater and maintaining water in streams for all to enjoy.

Oak trees

Today the oak trees are only 3 inches tall. They are on the way to living over 1,000 years and to bearing fruit that will feed a vast array of wildlife. One oak tree can create enough oxygen to keep a human alive for a year. Oak trees are both male and female making every tree capable of producing acorns. Humans have enjoyed their wood, beauty and as a source of food for thousands of years.

Always giving

Everyday forests release water vapor into the atmosphere which becomes our floating rivers which then comes down as one of the most important elements to maintain life on the planet; water. Forests in the Amazon release more water vapor into the atmosphere in a single day than water that runs down the Amazon river in a day. With the trees' fruit, seeds and daily contribution to the environment your gift is multiplied many times. A gift that truly gives more than can be imagined.

Plant your therapy Tree & help us fund-raise for
The Covid-19 Memorial forest & nature preserve
Share your Covid-19 stories.

A loved one lost - a selfless person answering the call - a personal hero, loss of a job or school year or the loss of feeling safe. Share your story so future generations can understand the virus toll and what the tree they are standing in front of signifies.

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Help us share the stories of every victim of Covid-19 and every front-line worker. Easy volunteer from home opportunity reach out to local hospitals, nursing homes, fire and police stations and locations with essential workers to offer a free tree plot in the Covid-19 Memorial Forest & Nature Preserve. Email us mail@planttomorrow.org

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